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А сколько стоит виза?
Ник: Jan02
Город: Berlin
Страна: Germany
ЗАЧЕМ мне все это нужно:

Hey guys,
we heard about your festival two weeks ago. We highly recommend reading the story first and looking at our suitcases after (;

First of all, they will furthermore be referred to as sweetcases, because that is what they have become.
Through countless hours of work these little projects have become a part of the festival already. We bought them on ebay from a really cool guy from bavaria. Coming from Berlin, it would have been a two day trip to get them, but Jan made it in one day using the fastest toilet of Germany, the ICE (fast train) toilet. He donated lots of love.

Now we got the sweetcases on Monday this week. On Tuesday we used my night shift at the Baxpax Kreuzberg (fabulous hostel, should you ever visit Berlin) to sand the cases, protect the corners with silicon and get a base coat on them.
Wednesday we spray painted one side, the dark side. A failure turned into success by explanation.
Today we went to the beach to continue making love to our sweetcases. A total success, I got a red coat, the cases turned out neon yellow, beautiful/crazy.

To round things up we would like to thank Micha's russian ex girl friend as well as Oleg Kharms from the facebook VIZA department (http://www.facebook.com/viZa.dept)!
Without their loving support it would not have been possible to even create an account on the forum, let alone finish the funny RPG or navigate through the rules here ;-)

Our sweetcases are far from ready, but since Oleg told me they need to be registered today, we send you what we have done so far. We humbly ask for permission to finish our mission, to create two utterly perfect sweetcases.

Micha & Jan

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