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ViZa Department

kazantip republic
A ViZa is needed to enter the Kazantip Republic.

You can easily arrange and purchase it here

right now for 300Gel / 6000 RUB / USD 175,
if you share our new video teaser on your Facebook page

from August 1 for 350 Gel / 7000 RUB / USD 212
from August 5 for 400 Gel / 8000 RUB / USD 240


in the offline ViZa Department local office
near the entrance to the Republic territory
for 9.000 RUB (262$) or more

If you are female and you have a UKRAINIAN passport, click here

If you are female and you have a GEORGIAN passport, click here

New Year's general sponsor
and the most important gift
In case of problems:

skype: z_xapmc
e-mail: o.xapmc [at]
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