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once again I would like to remind you that the situation caused by the
Cambodian government who cancelled Kazantip is a force majeure one. Of course at the beginning
we got all possible permitting documents - I believe everyone understands
that we would never bury money into sand without permissions (link).

BUT we are not able to influence the wonder-government of a foreign country
who managed to permit Kazantip 5 times and prohibit it 6 times within 10
days (link).

Now there are several scenarios.

The first option is our current trend: you can become an investor, receive
an honorary lifetime ViZa and support the Republic at this difficult
historical moment.

The second option is to wait. Because only through working together to
increase our GDP we are able to manage the situation with our national
debt. Just keep in mind that there is no country in the world that doesn't
have any debt. For example, the US national debt - even by a most modest
estimation - is about 19.6 trillion dollars.

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